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Zafar Homeopathic & Hijama(cupping therapy) clinic Dina

Jhelum, Pakistan
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    27 Nov 2012
Al Hijamah (Cupping Therapy) is the best remedy recommended and used by the Messenger Muhammad PBUH. The Messenger Muhammad PBUH said, "Indeed the best of remedies you have is Hijamah (Cupping)" [Saheeh al-Bukhaaree (5371)]. Messenger Muhammad PBUH also said that on the night of Israa (his ascension to the heavens) he did not pass by an angel except that it said to him, "Oh Muhammad PBUH, order your Ummah (nation) with Hijamah (Cupping)."[Saheeh Sunan Tirmidhee (3479)]. This shows the importance and greatness of this Sunnah. Hijamah in arabic is derived from hajm which means sucking. Hijamah (Cupping) is the process of applying cups to various points on the body by removing the air inside the cups to form a vacuum. Al Hijamah (cupping) gets rid of acidic toxic waste which accumulates in our bodies (blood stasis) as we grow older. Sources of toxic waste include The polluted air we breathe; Toxic chemicals found in your food, water, drinks, household chemicals & toiletries; Environmental waste in your neighborhood; Intoxicating drinks, narcotic drugs, junk food and smoking; Waste products of normal body metabolism; Products of medicinal drugs metabolism; Impact of trauma and accidents on our body; Toxins from mental stress, anger, anxiety and depression; Detoxification of the blood, stimulation of new blood formation; Increased blood circulation & pain reduction; Some Distinctions: A Team of expert people including male and female therapists who applied thousands of cups and cured thousands of patients. Some staff are trained from foreign country. Association with UK societies (ICS, ICTA). Clean and disposable environment. New apparatus is used for each patient. Proper gown and mask are worn for treatment. And many more... ZAFAR HOMEOPATHIC & HIJAMA(CUPPING THERAPY) CLINIC RAILWAY ROAD DINA DR. ZAFAR IQBAL BHATTI DHMS,RHMP D.AC( ACUPUNCTURE ) REDIASTHESIAViews: 2309